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Ewelina Pekalska: “I am ready for a slug fest and I want to become champion again!”

It is the co-main event of the boxing night promoted by OPI Since 82 and Top Rank that will take place in Rome, the 28th of October, at the Pala Atlantico venue, which accounts the international heavyweight contest of Guido Vianello vs Jay McFarlane as the prominent bout of the night: Ewelina Pekalska (6-0-0) will fight against Stephanie Silva (6-0-0) for the European Super Flyweight Title that Silva holds since April 2022.

Ewelina Pekalska is a tough challenger: she has already been European champion in the flyweight division and will come to fight night with only one thing in her mind: victory.

Hi Ewelina, how is the training camp proceeding? What is your training routine?

“Preparations for this bout started form gaining strength and power, then endurance on many sparring rounds. currently main focus is on tactics. doing my best to give a good fight and become victorious”.

How do you feel fighting in a heavier weight class?

“I usually spar against heavier male and female opponents so I am used to higher weights. this gives me advantage of speed and quickness”.

As a professional, you have fought only in Poland. How do you imagine that this fight away from home will test you, from an emotional and mental point of view?

“I have a big experience in amateur/olympic boxing so performed many times in different countries abroad and against opponents from all over the world. also many times fought in Italy. it doesn't bother me at all”.

How do you feel knowing that your fight will be streamed all around the world, on Mola in UK and on ESPN+ in the USA?

“Most often people could see me in Polish tv so I am very happy that people for around the world will be also able to see me fighting live and on tv. it's a big motivation for me to give a good and pleasant fight to watch”

Do you know Stephanie Silva? Have you studied her?

“I don't know personally but I watched her fights of course. Got some surprises for her”.

What kind of strategy do you expect Stephanie Silva to bring on in fight night?

“We’re expecting boxing chess but also ready for slug fest!”

What would it mean for you to win the title and to become a x2 times European Champion?

“It means a lot, I would be 1st Polish professional boxer to do this so motivation is huge.

of course having also bigger dreams.”

Have you got any message that you want to dedicate? Family, staff/team members, even to your opponent Stephanie Silva.

“I want to say big thank you to my team, my family and all my fans for big support they always give me and it means as lot to me. I hope Stephanie is well prepared because I am and I want to show it to the world!”

The Vianello vs McFarlane boxing night of the 28th of October, plus the whole undercard (including the Silva vs Pekalska fight), will be streamed live on the new Mola app for Italy and UK. Just download the app and you will watch the entire fight night for free. In the United States, the card will be streamed on ESPN+. Tickets are available on


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